Korean Consultants International





Registration for Engineering Services with Ministry of Construction and Transportation of Korea (1983)


Registration with ADB (Asian Development Bank) and IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)(1984)



Registration for Surveying with Seoul Regional Construction Management Office(1990)[No.02-1055]


Registration for Engineering Activities with Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea(1993)[No.10-022]

 – Engineering Activities (Construction Fields) : Highway & Airport; Soil & Foundation;  Civil Structures; Traffic; Urban Planning; Water Resources; Water Supply & Sewerage


Registration for Construction Supervision with Seoul Regional Construction Management Office(1994)


Registration for Overseas Construction with Ministry of Construction and Transportation of Korea(1994)[No.28]


Establishment of Road Traffic Research Center with Korea Industrial Technology Association(1995)[No.951263]


Registration for Design Supervisor with Ministry of Construction and Transportation of Korea(1996)



Registration with African Development Bank(2001)


Registration for Environment Impact Assessment(2001)[No.158]


Registration for Traffic Impact Assessment(2001)[No.159]


Registration for Safety inspection(Bridge·Tunnel)(2002)[No.352]


Registration for Construction Management Firm(2002)


Registration for Facility Maintenance & Management Firm for Overseas Construction Market(2005)


Registration for Disaster Effect Evaluation(2006)


Presidential Commendation : Construction & Transportation Area(2005)


Supervision of the Korea Highway Corporation Awarded Excellence Award highway(2008)


Cambodia SAHAMETREI Medal Awards(2008)


Registration for Disaster Agency safeguards established(2008)



Registration for Public transport infrastructure development project feasibility Agency(2011)[No.2]


Registration for Korea Intelligent Transportation System Society(2015)


Registration for Consultancy Services and Supplier with Inter-American Development Bank(2016)


Registration for Facilities Maintenance(2017)


Registration for Facilities Interior Architecture(2017)



·  Design for Turn-key and SOC Project
·  Private Investment Porject Develoment and Design
·  Project Feasiblility Study and Econimic Analysis
·  Basic Design and Detailed Design   
·  Planning and Design for Inter Change, 

    Motorway Service and Various Facilities   


·  Design for Bridges, Sub Structures, Special Structure
·  Design for Steel Structures, Reinforced Concrete    Structures
·  Design for Railways, Subways and Tunnels


·  Design for Tunnels and Sub Structures
·  Design for Soft soil Stabilization Treatment
·  Soil and Rock Investigations
·  Design for Structure Foundations
·  Design for Slope Stabilization and Reinforcement    Method
·  Design for Earth Retaining Wall


·  I.T.S (Intellectual Transportation System) Project
·  T.S.M (Transportation System Management
·  Traffic Impact Assessment
·  Establishment of basic and long term traffic rehabilitation plan


·  Environment Impact Assessment
·  Advance Environment Assessment
·  Post Environment Impact Investigation
·  Concept Design and Feasibility Study based on    Environment Knowledge
·  Environment Research Services
·  Establishment of Noise Impact Minimization and Sound    Protection Measures


·  Railways
·  Intercity Railways
·  Rapid Transits
·  Subways
·  Automated Guideway Transit
※ Major Project
    Florida High speed Rail Project (Florida, USA)
    Trans-America Railroad Project(Brazil)


·  Regional Development Planning
·  Urban Redevelopment Planning
·  Premises Development and Design
·  Tourism Site Development Planning


·  Landscape Planning of vast land utilization
·  Landscape Design and Planning for complex and Resort
·  Environmental Restoring Plan for Park
·  Aesthetic Planning and Assessment

·  Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage
·  Feasibility Study
·  Water Transmission and Distribution Lines
·  Pumping Plant
·  Water purifying and Industrial Water Treatment Plant
·  Urban Sewerage and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant


·  Master Plan for River Basin
·  Investigation for Catchment Area
·  Flood Control and protection
·  Natural Disaster Impact Assessment



·  Road, Bridge, Tunnel
·  Water Resources, Water Supply and Sewerage,

   Flood Control
·  Airport
·  Railway
·  Urban and Regional Supporting Project
·  Agricultural Supporting Project
·  Architecture
·  Oil Refinery Plant



·  Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects
·  Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) Projects
·  Others



   ·  Construction & Project        Management Services
   ·  Construction Supervision Services          ·  Provision of Technical Data for       Project Implementation 
   ·  Provision of Technical Assistance for       Project Implementation0


·  Safety Diagnosis for Bridge & Excavated Slope
·  Safety Inspection & Diagnosis for Construction Works
·  Quality Inspection for Construction Works
·  Facility Management & Maintenance



   ·  Leisure Facility Development
   ·  Golf Resort Development



·  Collection, Analysis and Application of advanced Road Traffic Technology Information
·  Enhancement of Design Capability for Road Structures  (Bridge,Tunnel, etc)
·  Development of Efficient Road Construction and Operation/Maintenance Technology
·  Research & Development and Pratical Using of new Technologies and Materials