CEO Greeting

Sung Soo, Ahn, Ph.D
President & CEO

Dear Distinguished Customers

We, The Deep Rooted Tree Global Ltd. (DRT Global), would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our customers for their valuable support to us.

DRT Global is doing our best to contribute to ourcustomers by leading the future society based on “Challenge, Future and Trust with new Information”. Based on our long experience, abundant knowledge and global networks, we are working to contribute to the challenges of the future society through our business.

DRT Global maintains a well-balanced set of specialized capabilities in the areas of EPC construction consulting services, International trade, Online Halal Shopping Mall(,  Football Players’ Agent, Global Talent Acquisition & Management, and others.

We would like to ask for your continued support and understanding for our ceaseless efforts to contribute to the development of a sustainable and prosperous future society. Thank you very much.

Very respectfully yours,

Sung Soo, Ahn, Ph.D 

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